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Jalyn Girardot

Whether you're buying or selling, Facebook Marketplace scams are targeting you.

Facebook Marketplace Scams Want Your Money – Here’s How to Stay Safe

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to both get rid of items you don’t need and make a little extra money in the process, with the added convenience of everything being connected to your Facebook account. But because Facebook is first and foremost a social media network, not an online marketplace, some of its consumer…

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Katherine Schweit talks about gun violence, active shooter preparedness, and potential solutions.

Active Shooter Preparedness Tips for the Worst-Case Scenario

Being caught in an active shooter situation is a nightmare scenario. Nobody wants it to happen. But if it does, you can increase your chances of surviving, helping those around you survive, or even ending the situation with active shooter preparedness. The key is to know in advance what to do. See Active Shooter Preparedness…

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LiFi wants to connect you to the internet with the power of light.

Meet LiFi, the Technology that Wants to Replace Your Router with Light Bulbs

There’s new stuff happening with technology all the time. Sometimes the results are really ridiculous gadgets. But sometimes they can make your life easier, let you play with cool features, or even save your life. One particular new technology, LiFi, is trying to make your life simpler. It wants to replace your clunky, complicated WiFi…

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Philippe Desmaris and Thierry Gagnon discuss digital identification for a world without passwords.

Digital Identification Solutions for a World Without Passwords

Most of us set passwords for our online accounts hoping to ensure our privacy and security. Those of us who are more concerned about security may sacrifice convenience believing it makes us even more secure. But as technology changes, passwords are not the complete security solution we think they are. Other digital identification methods may…

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If you have a website on WordPress, you need to be thinking about WordPress plugin security.

WordPress Plugin Security: What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Website

If your website is built with WordPress, it probably has a few plugins installed. Plugins can add useful features and extra functionality to any website. But unfortunately, plugins can also be a risk to your website’s security. If you use WordPress, you need to be aware of WordPress plugin security and the risks involved. If…

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The Facebook copyright infringement scam is phishing for your Facebook login information.

How to Spot (and Deal With) Facebook Copyright Infringement Scams

These days, almost everybody has a Facebook account. For some of us, it’s a huge part of where we spend our time online and an essential tool for keeping in contact with friends and family. But a Facebook copyright infringement scam has been targeting users, and now it’s happening more frequently. This scam can see…

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Patrick McNamera talks about his online safety tips for protecting yourself online.

5 Online Safety Tips Everyone Can Use

There are lots of great tools out there to help you stay safer online. But online safety requires more than just downloading a piece of software. To really stay safe, you have to be an active participant in your own protection. But you don’t have to be a tech genius to do it. These tips…

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Ryan Kelly talks about his work as a scam tracker and how you can protect yourself from scams.

A Scam Tracker Explains Scammers’ Tricks – and How to Stay Safe

Scams are everywhere, targeting all kinds of people with all kinds of phony stories. They will go after anyone who has any money. Anyone can get caught in a scam, no matter your age, gender, intelligence, education, or anything else. One scam tracker wants to explain to everyone how scams work and provide tips to…

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