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Jalyn Girardot

These romance scam statistics show why we need World Romance Scam Prevention Day.

Romance Scam Statistics and the Need for Prevention

Tuesday, October 3rd, is the first annual World Romance Scam Prevention Day. Though the officially recognized day is new, the need is not. Romance scams and their losses have only been increasing over the past few years. In this article, we report on the romance scam statistics from the data we have right now –…

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Kathy Waters and Bryan Denny talk about dating and romance scams and the new World Romance Scam Prevention Day on October 3rd.

World Romance Scam Prevention Day Promotes Dating and Romance Scam Awareness

Dating and romance scams are more common – and more insidious – than most people realize. Networks of organized criminals are perpetrating them professionally and systematically every day. Some scammers are willing to invest significant time to win over their targets. And the results can be devastating emotionally, psychologically, and financially. World Romance Scam Prevention…

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Giles Mason talks about stopping scams and how to protect yourself.

Get Better at Stopping Scams with This Scam Protection Framework

Most of us want to be polite and help others where we can. But scammers can take advantage of that. Using tools like critical thinking, situational awareness, and slowing down conversations can help you get better at stopping scams before they become financial disasters. Using the Stop-Challenge-Protect framework can help you do that. See Stopping…

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This smartphone safety feature could save your life in a medical emergency.

Your Phone Could Save Your Life: The Smartphone Safety Feature You Need to Know

It’s a nightmare scenario: You’re away from home and have an accident or a medical emergency. We all have important medical information that first responders and doctors need to know. Even if you have no allergies, medications, or medical conditions, you at least need to be able to share your blood type! If you’re unconscious…

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Marta Tellado talks about the state of online consumer protection.

The Importance (and Challenge) of Online Consumer Protection

You’ve probably heard the phrase “buyer beware.” It refers to situations where it’s the buyer’s responsibility to make sure the thing they’re buying is safe and isn’t a scam. When it comes to tangible things, there are laws and regulations in place to help protect us. But online, it’s still a “buyer beware” world. The…

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Are AirTags dangerous? Here's what you need to know.

Are AirTags Dangerous? What You Need to Know About Location Trackers

AirTags, a tracking technology designed by Apple, are one of those things that feel like futuristic tech. Lost your wallet, your backpack, or your keys? If you’ve put an AirTag on them, your iPhone can now lead you directly to the lost item. That’s an incredibly useful tool. But every piece of technology comes with…

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Venmo may be revealing more information than you want - it's time to think about Venmo privacy.

Is Your Private Info Exposed on Venmo? What You Need to Know about Venmo Privacy

Would you want all the transactions in your bank account to be publicly available to anyone who cared to look? Probably not. Our bank accounts contain private, sensitive information. That transaction information reveals a lot about our financial situation, who we buy from, and who sends us money. But if the thought of your bank…

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Pierogi talks about scambaiting and how to avoid scammers.

Avoid Scammers by Learning How Their Scams Operate

Scammers have learned to use systems like shipping, rental cars, and rental homes against us. And they’re really good at staying under the radar. They also know a lot of psychological tricks to manipulate us and use our own brains to get us caught in their traps. In order to avoid scammers and stay safe,…

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