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Jalyn Girardot

Learn tips and tools to find out if someone is on social media.

How to Find Out if Someone is on Social Media

Social media platforms have become popular amongst users since it’s the most convenient way to stay updated with what loved ones are doing. Long lost friends can also find one another again and communicate with each other about what has been going on in their lives. However, social media platforms also contain catfish, cheaters, and…

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Peter Sisson talks about fake video issues caused by AI - and what his new company is doing to help.

AI is Causing Fake Video and Fake News Problems – But This App May Help

We all know the old phrase “seeing is believing.” We’re hard-wired to believe the things that we can see with our own eyes. But with advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the line is starting to get blurry. AI can write comprehensible text, create images, make deep fakes, and fabricate fake videos that look real.…

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Planning for your digital legacy is essential for one key reason.

Why (and How) to Plan Your Digital Legacy

So much of the modern world is digital. We pay bills online, watch TV online, save photos online, and shop online. Nearly three-quarters of Americans are active on social media. But none of us will live forever. Research estimates that in less than 50 years, there will be more deceased people on Facebook than living…

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Learn how to find your significant other on Ashley Madison!

How to Find Your Significant Other on Ashley Madison

It’s been six years since the infamous Ashley Madison hack, the one that published the information of users using the affair dating service. However, the website has increased in popularity once more following the spread of coronavirus. While people are staying at home during these times, it has not stopped people from trying out a…

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Our goal is to assist in online fraud prevention through education and awareness.

Online Fraud Prevention through Education and Awareness

Chris Parker, founder of, started the Easy Prey Podcast with online fraud prevention in mind. He wanted to help listeners learn to avoid being an easy target for scammers and fraudsters, both online and in the real world. Since episode 1 aired on March 18, 2020, he has interviewed some of the most influential…

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12 Signs That You Might be Getting Catfished Online

Online dating has provided many the opportunity to find the love of your life. Location is no longer a restriction, and you could meet the person of your dreams. However, scammers are also abundant online. They’ll try to grab your attention, reel you in, and steal your life savings. They call this form of scam…

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Katie Lips discusses health data and its risks.

Is Your Health Data Safe? The Risks of Digital Health Information

Most of us are comfortable sharing data in a place we believe is safe and secure. But not everyone considers where health data goes after it’s collected. And though most medical information is protected by strict data security regulations (such as HIPAA in the United States), some health information is considered “personal data” and has…

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It's possible to find someone on Bumble! Try these strategies.

Bumble Search: How to Find Someone on Bumble

One of the most popular dating apps that people like to use is Bumble. This is because it is one of the easiest apps to use and allows women to message first. However, this app is also a place that people sneak on to cheat on their significant other, or to hide that they are…

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