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Deb Eskew

Identity Theft with Dana Mantilia

Identity theft comes in many forms. Children and adults can be victims of identity theft.  Each year there are over 9 million identity victims.  1 million of these victims are minor children. The worst part is that we often don’t notice a problem until we need to buy a car, house, or get a college…

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Website Attacks with John Graham-Cumming and Evan Johnson

Website attacks are very common.  They are often not personal, but they can create a mess for website operators.  As website owners and operators, we need website privacy and security especially if we are collecting data and personal information.   As I was making more money from my business in 2015,  the need for better performance…

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Catfishing, Coronavirus, and Cybercrime, oh my, with Tyler Cohen Wood

Your online identity is quickly becoming more crucial to your personal and professional success than in-person communications. But most of us don’t understand this digital Wild West and the dangers that lurk around every corner. Most of us are unaware of the digital breadcrumbs that we leave behind with every post, and how easy it…

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Remote Worker Cybersecurity Risks with Dr. Eric Cole

With over ten million cyber-attacks reported daily, we have to be equipped with the knowledge, information, and software to protect ourselves and our families. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, there was a sudden shift of employees working at home and this has become even more of a problem. Since time wasn’t available for most…

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Hoaxes with Alex Kasprak

In this day and age, we are experiencing knowledge overload. There is information everywhere on the internet and social media. Add in the changes and hoaxes we are seeing pop up with the Coronavirus and it is harder than ever to decipher the truth. How do we research and check out this overload of information?…

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Easy Prey Podcast - Short Term Rental Scams with J. Massey

Short Term Rental Scams with J. Massey

Many of us love traveling, but safety and security are usually a concern in the back of our minds especially if we are traveling with our family.  So how do we stay safe and secure when we are traveling? J. teaches us what red flags to look for when reserving and staying with Airbnb. With…

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Likeness Theft with Jeffrey Hayzlett

In today’s internet age we are meeting more and more people online.  How do we use this incredible resource wisely and keep our families safe?  Jeffrey Hayzlett shares about how his image and pictures of his grandkids are being used to scam women out of tens of thousands of dollars and breaking hearts in the…

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