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About the Website Redesign


I hope you like the redesign and how we’ve improved the website for you. The IP tools and articles are all there for you, along with a few special features you’ll discover as you navigate our new-look site.

Better Performance.
Our website’s now running on a more-advanced platform.

Better User Experience.
The pages and layout have been redesigned for easier navigation.

Larger map.
Showing the location of your active IP address

New tools.
To help you better manage your online experience.

New Learning Center.
Where you’ll find informative and useful articles.

New content.
New articles have been posted with more to come.

Improved mobile experience.
Better navigating for all your devices.

Questions & Answers About the Redesign

Has the website changed ownership?
No. Chris Parker is still the founder, CEO and owner of the website.

What’s the reason for the redesign?
We moved to website to a new platform that allows us to maximize your experience when you visit, as illustrated above.

Are the same IP tools available?
Yes, along with a few new tools to help you manage your internet experience.

How can I search for information on the website?
Our website’s search bar is at the top of every page, easy to see and convenient to use.  

Where will I find past and new articles?
Our New Learning Center contains all our existing and upcoming articles. Look for the Learn tab on the menu bar at top of each page.

Will the redesigned website show on all my devices?
Yes, better than ever. Our new platform allowed us to maximize the website for smartphones and tablets.

Can I check to see if my VPN is working?
Yes. You can use to verify your Virtual Private Network is hiding your actual IP address. First, check your IP address with your VPN turned off and make a note of it. Then turn your VPN on and recheck your IP address. It should be different.

We also have more tools to help you manage your VPN, increase your security and improve you internet experience.

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