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The Learning Center
Online Safety

As wonderful, open and informative as the Internet can be, there are also dark corners and shady characters online waiting to harm your data or your computer.

The best way to protect yourself online is to be aware of the dangers. These articles are designed to help do precisely that.

  1. How computer viruses travel by email
  2. How to be safe online in public places
  3. Is it time to change passwords?
  4. How to build a better password
  5. 9 Password Tips you Need to Read
  6. Common Internet Scams
  7. What to consider before donating your computer
  8. Online shopping safety tips
  9. Read this before using free Wi-Fi again!
  10. Protect yourself against hacks!
  11. How to keep your home network safe
  12. Don't get scammed at tax season!
  13. What is phishing?
  14. Don't let websites suck you in
  15. Beware of malware!
  16. Hidden (and free) privacy tools
  17. Wifi safety tips
  18. What is spear phishing?
  19. What is Adware?
  20. What is Spyware?
  21. What is a 419 Scam?
  22. What is Web Tracking?
  23. Can you be tracked by your IP address?
  24. How to Avoid Viruses
  25. What is Romance Scam?
  26. What is Vishing?
  27. Have you been Banned?
  28. Two-Factor Authentication
  29. 15 Privacy Protection Tips
  30. Work From Home Scams
  31. Tips to Protect Your Data
  32. Don't Get Socially Engineered
  33. You Are The Weakest Link
  34. Home Someone Can Get Your IP Address
  35. Banned From Your Favorite Board?
  36. Action Steps to Protect Your Privacy
  37. Don't Use Free WiFi Without Reading This


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