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IP Addresses

Thanks to "," you can find out your IP address with a simple click. But very few people know really what the IP address is all about.

Because your IP address is your connection to the Internet, it might worthwhile to know something about it. The following articles are a good start.

  1. What's the IP in IP address?
  2. The ABCs of IP addresses
  3. Every website has an IP address!
  4. A look at IPv4 IP addresses
  5. IP addresses and datagrams
  6. How can an IP address give away your location?
  7. How hackers can exploit an IP address
  8. What are the IP protocols?
  9. Why is your IPv4 address in four parts?
  10. Can you be tracked by your IP address?
  11. What does your IP address reveal?
  12. How are IP addresses assigned?
  13. All about IP Addresses
  14. What is a Private IP Address?
  15. What is a Link-Local Address?
  16. What is Dual Stack?
  17. Dual Stack Connectivity Check
  18. What is CIDR?
  19. Why Does Your IP Address Keep Changing?
  20. How Accurate is IP Address Geolocation?


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