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Most people rely on their friends, coworkers or a squad of geeks for help buying and fixing computer hardware and software. Few of us are IT experts.

It doesn't help that most computer magazines and articles get too technical too fast, or they simply sell products but don't educate us. The following "technical" articles are easy to read, informative and genuinely helpful.

  1. Mom, I need a "gaming" computer!
  2. What is a gaming mouse?
  3. Get ready to buy a computer
  4. How much memory do you need?
  5. How to speed up your slow PC
  6. How to clean up an email inbox
  7. Learning to love the Cloud
  8. When bad things happen to good computers
  9. Did you know your computer has a name?
  10. Should you buy a Mac or PC?
  11. Solve your basic computer problems
  12. Why you might want a password manager
  13. A guide to buying a wireless router
  14. Privacy tools for Google and Facebook
  15. How to make Google Chrome more secure
  16. How does anti-spam software protect you?
  17. Which websites protect your privacy?
  18. What is the Cloud?
  19. What's the difference between a router and a modem?
  20. How to get more performance from your router
  21. Want your own website? Get a host
  22. How to report spam
  23. Keeping your Router Safe
  24. What is a Browser History?
  25. What is a Router?
  26. What is Broadband Modem?
  27. What are Data Caps?
  28. Ten Tips for Taking Better Care of Your Laptop
  29. Have you heard about USB-C?
  30. What is a Dongle?
  31. Better WiFi is Here
  32. 6 Cumputer Buying Tips


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