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Hackers and Hoaxes

Many of people are too occupied with work, family and simply getting-by to be aware of the hoaxes and hack attacks that take place every day on the Internet.

It's a good idea to keep on top of the news, because many of the biggest hacks affect ordinary citizens in addition to the large organizations that get attacked.

  1. What Is Hacking?
  2. Seven Scary Things Hackers Can Do to Your Computer
  3. Signs You've Been Hacked
  4. What to Do If You've Been Hacked
  5. Ashley Madison, hacked cars and more
  6. Hackers are targeting small businesses
  7. Countries hacking other countries
  8. Home Depot got hacked? What does it mean?
  9. How do hackers get into computer systems?
  10. A close look at the Home Depot hack
  11. Protect your company from hackers
  12. Companies fight back against hackers
  13. What was the Heartbleed Bug virus?
  14. Five ways to keep hackers away
  15. What is a hacktivist?
  16. Recent Fitbit and Time Warner Cable hack
  17. What is Scareware?
  18. What is Ransomware?
  19. What is Vishing?
  20. What is MaaS?
  21. US Government Hacked
  22. Yahoo Hacked (Again!)
  23. Friendfinder Hacked
  24. Hotels being Hacked
  25. Hackers are Targeting Routers


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