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If you're interested in computers and technology, and aren't afraid of advanced subjects, these articles should interest you.

They might also open the door to more research and reading.

  1. What is a cookie?
  2. What is a firewall?
  3. What is a subnet?
  4. What is a Web browser?
  5. What is Ping?
  6. What is a Web beacon?
  7. What is a User Agent?
  8. What is Port?
  9. What is Port Forwarding?
  10. What is a Traceroute
  11. What is a Gateway?
  12. What is SIP?
  13. What is SMTP?
  14. What is a Distributed Denial of Service Attack?
  15. What are HTTP and HTML?
  16. What are data packets?
  17. What is Dynamic DNS?
  18. What is FTP?
  19. What is PPP and PPPoE?
  20. What does Link-Local Mean?
  21. What is Cryptography?


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