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IP Details for

This information should not be used for emergency purposes, trying to find someone's exact physical address, or other purposes that would require 100% accuracy. Please read about geolocation accuracy for more information.

General IP Information

ISP:Research In Motion
Organization:Research In Motion
Services:None detected
Type:Wireless Broadband
Assignment:Static IP

Geolocation Information

Country:United States us flag
Latitude: 38  (38° 0′ 0.00″ N)
Longitude: -97  (97° 0′ 0.00″ W)

Geolocation Map

User Comments

received a cruel comment on my blog from this IP - 2011-04-29
This person is mental and only out to hurt and ruin people lives. Report it as soon as you receive hat comments/mail - 2011-09-06
email hacked by this individual...dont know Kansas. - 2011-11-04
recieved a notification that someone from this ip address logged into my facebook... - 2011-11-27
This person has logged into my facebook account and my yahoo account-- Loser with nothing better to do in life. - 2011-12-03
this is a shared blackberry IP - 2012-02-22
shes commenting on peoples invision free forms - 2012-02-26
Ths person is sick going to stop if I can - 2012-08-24
This is a random ip address based out of a server in Kansas...relax...people use their bberry devices for this purpose - 2012-09-30
my friend's account keeps getting hacked by this IP address!! - 2012-11-13
Anyone interested in jumping on already pending litigation for this bottom-dweller? Write back ASAP Trial starts next week - 2012-11-17
i got hacked too, how do i report? - 2012-12-29
What state(s) do the victims of the hacker which have posted on this site/forum, live in? - 2012-12-31
They all live in a state of confusion. Thanks RIM. - 2013-03-21
This IP made a radio song request, will keep a close eye and report any misbehaviour - 2013-08-05
This is not one individual's IP, this is a shared IP by many different Blackberry users that are unrelated to each other. Don't confuse this with an individual's IP. - 2014-03-05

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