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ISP:BlackBerry Limited
Organization:BlackBerry Limited
Services:Suspected network sharing device
Assignment:Static IP

Geolocation Information

Country:United States
Latitude: 33.4250600  (33° 25′ 30.22″ N)
Longitude: -111.9733300  (111° 58′ 23.99″ W)

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User Comments

This person keeps on going on my facebook. It has been happening very often and the person has actually hacked into my account....I would like to actually know who this person is. - 2011-11-26
This person has hacked my email and my facebook account - 2011-12-03
This person is posting spam and vile comments on my blog - 2011-12-27
This is a shared IP from Blackberry. If "this person" is spamming you, you would have to contact Blackberry about it. - 2011-12-31
This is a hacker, how can someone stop this person?? - 2012-02-16
This person has logged into my facebook account. - 2012-02-20
this person has logged into my facebook account how do i find out who it was - 2012-02-26
This person hack into my facebook account. How can I find out who it is? - 2012-04-02
this IP is used by RIM, research in motion, the blackberry phone company..... ;) - 2012-05-17
This is a hacker. Please be aware! - 2012-07-31
What is your facebook name? - 2012-10-14
This person is a professional hacker that is hired by people to hack other people's accounts. - 2012-10-30
tried to get in my google email account - 2012-11-16
Help me clean my device of spam>malware>proXies>any 3rd party webcrawler so I can get privacy and use my Bberry right - 2013-05-22
This person keeps on going on my facebook. It has been happening very often and the person has actually hacked into my account....I would like to actually know who this person is - 2012-11-17
What state(s) do the victims of the hacker which have posted on this forum/site, live in? - 2012-12-31
If we put our stories together we can pinpoint who is abusing this IP address. Post which states/cities y'all live in, please. It's the beginning. - 2013-01-02
my best guess is that RIM is terrible with ip distribution and shares ips for people. If not small groups, then its entirely possible all blackberry users for particular carriers share ips. i have a friend who uses this ip through at&t, so they at&t would probably be the first place to go to about this issue. - 2013-01-07
If you suspect your accounts have been hacked into you should contact law enforcement. They are the only ones who can stop any illegal activity/abuse of IP's whether shared or singly assigned by Blackberry. Bad guys know about shared IPs and they love to use them for their hacking. Only folks that can stop it is law enforcement. - 2013-01-08
This guy keeps hacking into my Facebook and harassing me as we'll, I have all the alerts from Facebook and everything, except it says it was hacked from a droid X. Anything I, or we, can do? - 2013-01-28
I live in Kansas, USA and the hacker accessed my Facebook account on Thursday, March 14, 2013 @ 12:04 am using a Blackberry OS6 system. The IP address: is located in Waterloo, ON, CA. - 2013-03-16
You say it's a guy. Do you know who it is or suspect who it might be? If so, can you post the suspect's state or geographical location? I think he is doing this to a lot of people . If we come up with the same suspected state/ location for him we can turn him in together! Please write back with more info! - 2013-02-23
He is a LE arresting providers in Indianapolis - 2013-02-24
This IP address has attempted to hack into our website, and is suspected of hacking into multiple facebook accounts. - 2013-03-21
This person is using there PDA as a mobile hot spot. Using a data package on a PDA and tethering it to there PC. The IP is generic to RIM all it does is show the server address in which data is traveling threw. WAP tunneling and spoofing is common and from the comments this black hat is swapping devices to mask his/her mac address and other identifiers. Likely this person or person(s) won't be caught. The server can be transmitting data for legitamate users across north america if there is a security breach or exploit it is up to RIM to patch it. - 2013-06-22
I also had an email sent to all my Yahoo contacts that I did not send. Has anyone had any luck resolving their issues experienced - 2013-07-17
Con esta IP ha ingresado a mi email en diversas ocasiones, durante el ultimo tiempo, ni siquiera estoy en su pais, como detenerlo? - 2014-06-10

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