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Services:Likely mail server
Assignment:Static IP
Continent:North America
Country:United States us flag
Latitude: 37.4249  (37° 25′ 29.64″ N)
Longitude: -122.0074  (122° 0′ 26.64″ W)
Postal Code:94089

User Comments About

This is likely a mail server—not an individual. Comments about an individual may not apply to the person you are talking to.

it;s fake - 2011-03-09
This IP Address is totally frudester - 2011-03-28
Scammed me $17.50 - 2011-06-01
She says she wants to meet me. - 2011-06-06
SCAMMER. Says he is in Scotland. but home US address is a parking garage in Rochester NY. - 2011-06-22
ojo tanto telefonicamente como por email esta comunicandose con gente y difamando y injuriando a pesonas y jackeando cuantas de correo y haciendo llamadas maliciosas, no confiar hace llamadas a familiares y entornos para decir lo que hace en la red, no confiar muy peligroso, por favor FBI procure localizar a esta gente y procesar - 2011-07-30
And to think my wife only had this account opened for two months - 2011-08-12
She says she's got money for e but wants my details. DO NOT TRUST! IT'S A SCAM. - 2011-10-10
Goes under the name of Mom_O The Prince from Egypt on Netlog!! - 2011-11-04
Goes under the name of Dave Mark from The US, Texas and is presently in Scotland on Netlog. Claims he lost his wife in a car accident. - 2011-11-04
Met this person on the internet says shes a 13 year old girl? - 2011-11-13
This guy or maybe a gal also claimed as Timothy Phelan and try to romance and fraud. He is claiming in Dubai as construction engineer, and a single father wth 15 years old son. They both robbed at Dubai and of course in hospital... He is trying to send me some package and ask me to sign, Do not trust them! It is a scammer, he is claiming himself living in Lubbock, TX, not know where exactly he is??? - 2011-11-26
BS artist. POSSIBLY LAW ENFORCEMENT - 2011-11-30
claims to have been women wanting to meet men on craigslist portland oregon...total LIE - 2011-12-07
The IP address belongs to Yahoo who acts as a proxy server to camouflage the actual IP address and location of that computer sending email through the proxy server's system. Google, Hotmail, and others also act as proxy servers. Groups of thousands of IP addresses are leased to organized entities in many third world countries where internet crime is not prosecuted. Don't trust anyone! Especially on the internet. THINK! - 2011-12-14
said he was sgt. major george norlan, a widows with son...he is a scammer, too and only wants money - 2011-12-20
He said he's in Plymouth, UK but geolocation map shows he's in Illinois, USA. He's relating his sad stories to get victim's sympathy. He said he's got a job waiting for him in Vancouver, recently lost his dad and he's in Plymouth to get his benefits from previous employer but processing would take 4 weeks and he's got no more funds left to pay his travel agent. I'm determined not to shell out even a single penny even before finding about his fictitious location. - 2012-01-01
Can someone send me some details on this i,ve been scammed here too - 2012-01-19
I'm getting the same thing...he is claiming to be a Savin Prasai on facebook (I think the real person is Christian Sebastian Guillaume Dubuc)--that is probably a fake name as well. This man romanced me and my gut told me he was after money as well..after I broke my affair with Christian, he came at me from fake profiles--Savin Prasai, Rhino Debuc, Savion Raj, Suren Punk, Michece Jordan Porter, Susan Smith, Lincoln White, there are many others as I have blocked and reported this person...beware of the names I mentioned if they add you on Facebook. This is definitely a con-artist. - 2012-02-01
Guy claims undying love for months! Cleaned out all of my accounts! Claims he is starving with no food. Females beware! Please do not let him take advantage of you. Stay smart - 2012-03-22
Will scam and try to blackmail u! Don't send her or him any pictures! She will try to romance u and get money! The biggest scam artist! Uses the name Nicki Taylor and Sara Stokes! - 2012-03-30
You would be surprised if you ran your own email address and then put the results here. Don't trust Spokeo results, not says these people are not scammers. - 2012-04-13
this ip # is my sons, he is not a scammer, somone hacked his email account - 2012-04-19
i talk 8 month with this scam i loose lot of money the name was TRAVIS TOVIA and his daugther name DIVA he from texas sa now london uk but i saw him many time on cam and i confused now.who know him - 2012-04-25
This is def. a romance scammer. uses Mike King or Gronda Martron.Both as military soliders asking for money. i have been scammed out of thousands, so dont fall for these names. - 2012-04-25
Professes to Love you but asks for money. As above no food or shelter. Don't fall for it. Makes it sound good. A scammer. "Timothy Phelan". He says hes from Los Angeles and in Dubuai for work. - 2012-04-26
Timothy Phelan has a great picture of himself on facebook. He tells me how much he loves me and wants to share his life with his son with me. He said he was a construction engineer and was working in Dubai and brought his 15 year old sun with him. He said he and his son were held up by robbers at gun point.His sun was so traumatized by the robbers,his asthma was so severe he was hospitalized and needed surgery. Tim then asked for money. He is a professional con artist. He must be on several dating sites to find good, kind women and very successful ones. - 2012-04-26
I was scammed as well by a James McCarthy S Hutchinson St Philadelphia, PA - 2012-07-26
Same guy contacted me here in the Philippines and wrote in Filipino. - 2012-08-02
MeMy name is miss Joy Uzo, i saw your profile today and become interesting to have a relationship with you. so Please send an email to my email,ssage to my netlog-account: - 2012-08-10
May go by Michael Giovanni. Italian who grew up in Sicily. 52 widowed, 16 year old daughter Monica (also a scammer ip address) in language school in Madrid. Romanced me via zoosk dating website on yahoo chat. Said he was an engineer in oil maintenance and repair. Said he got a contract in Spain for 5 Million dollars and made many promises.Upon arriving in "Spain" he said there was a problem, needed a work permit and 1500 dollars to get it. Asked me for the money. I knew immediately it was a scam then. DO NOT SEND MONEY! - 2012-08-30
scammer..... may go as brian stanley......... says he lives in lancaster, caifornia.. also has photos that are on thomas courville. SCAMMER RUN RUN RUN.................... - 2012-09-10
Same story. Great romancer. Name is Bryan Jonathan. Has a 7 mill govt contract in Madrid to build a bridge. There with his 7 year old daughter Mary. Wife and son died in car crash. Needed money to pay taxes before starting project with many promises to pay it back.I have receipts as well. Phone numbers, names, bank account numbers. Who can help? - 2012-09-26
AKA Rob Williams Larson, construction engineer building a bridge in UK with his 15 yr old daughter Keaton. Very romantic and wordy emails. Fell in love with me in 1 week. Run - 2012-10-05
I was wrong about the above Rob Larson. Please ignore my post from Oct 6 2012 - 2012-10-09
I also wrote to Tim Phelan in Dubai. He had a 10 year old son, Ronald. Sent me lots of pictures of him and Ronald on quads on the sand dunes, and I truly believed he loved me....until he needed money and I couldn't send it. He actually wanted me to sell my home! He told me Ronald died. Maybe he ran out of good ploys using the name Ronald, or too many people were onto him. He is a fake, a fraud, and yes, can write the most beautiful love letters you ever read. He had me hooked for about 6 months. But when I finally told him that there was no way I could assist him to pay his business travel expenses that he had to show before he could leave Dubai for the states to meet me, that was it. I never heard from him again. What a JERK!!! - 2012-10-20
this is. to funny not sure what is going on here but I talk to an alexander/ angie(his sister) smith with this ip addres never ask for money but claims he's in love with me but curently active in the us army his home is in hollis, queens NY. I don't knoww. what to think - 2012-10-25
Ip address; a man claimed he had an urgent trip to Scotland , deal fell apart, needs money. Never asked me . Uses the name William Brown Wife cheated on him with his best friend. - 2012-10-27
this ip address is associated with known scammer ip - 2012-11-08
This IP use by the name of Drake Anthony from New York but using a pic of someone who is from Turkey..He claims he is in Malaysia for business when i confront him why he his pictures has different names and i ask him what hes real names is he burts and pissed off .He told me he inlove with me and wants to marry me...wow.. lame.. but he don't ask for money ..he just mention he been robbed.. - 2012-11-19
Yuppie. got me for $90.00. A sight called quickable. can he be stopped ?? - 2012-11-22
He has mental issues, stay away. - 2012-11-24
goes by the name of paul prize jr. scammer - 2012-12-05
name is Anthony from Pittsburgh - 2013-01-04
stolen my pic and number can anyone help - 2013-01-07
Goes by the name on twitter kottonmouth kingdom at gururincome.and facebook too troy williams greencoastgardeners! Look up all reports you will see all the scams he is doing and where to find him. stealking money from many people and I am working with to get it back. On craigslist, dating sites. SCAMMER/HACKER - 2013-02-16
goes by the name tom or tommy.A.Phillips said he is in the country Georgia and was robbed and needs money to get home. he is a scammer..RUN - 2013-03-15
yes.The scammer gang is very sure! This is Ip - 2013-02-17
Stephen.Earl.Blake is his name he told me fell in love after 2 days and then ask for money for a phone and to get home also under David.Burke on fb..you can find him on scam warners fake soldier - 2013-03-18
Marc Taylor, Oregon, Scammer - 2016-04-13

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