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This information should not be used for emergency purposes, trying to find someone's exact physical address, or other purposes that would require 100% accuracy. Please read about geolocation accuracy for more information.

General IP Information

Services:Likely mail server
Assignment:Static IP

Geolocation Information

Continent:North America
Country:United States us flag
Latitude: 37.4249  (37° 25′ 29.64″ N)
Longitude: -122.0074  (122° 0′ 26.64″ W)
Postal Code:94089

Geolocation Map

User Comments

This is likely a mail server—not an individual. Comments about an individual may not apply to the person you are talking to.

stay away hes a lier and cheater and a fraud - 2011-07-03
This IP address has been hacked into by different hackers that i met through dating sites please b aware i am a victim thnk you - 2011-07-10
How is he a cheater? - 2011-07-11
I agree. He is a l,c,f. He is a sociopath. Stay away from him!!! - 2011-07-17
This man is NOT a victim. He is a sociopath who victimizes good women. - 2011-07-17
curious???trying to figure out if this is the correct address that i am looking for,also a cheater,lier, and hackers - 2011-07-18
Also goes by Col Teddy Jayson, of Blackwater XE, stationed in Iraq. Pretends love, and wants to make you beneficiary of trunk full of valuables. But before shipping you must pay non-inspection fee to his lawyer who also uses some of the same IP addresses. - 2011-08-28
anyone here of a Domonique cain from this IP? - 2011-08-31
wow. i also got an email, that led to this i.p adress. states he saw my bf at the club and was cheating on me. I spokeo -ed this email adress, and 15 different i.p addresses showed up. I searched them all up on here and they all had the same comments. this definatly is a scam. - 2011-09-03
Beware....Pretends to be some young guy from Dorchester, MA named Matt. - 2011-09-07
Can anyone be truthful nowadays. This guys seem to be so down to earth. Says he lives in Colorado. Found him on BAdoo. Lots of scammers there.Be aware if the story is too good to be truth normally is. - 2011-09-09
Is somebody hear for Frank Morales, member of US army? he send email from this IP adress and this email. He live in UK!!!!!! I do not belive him! - 2011-10-03
Two emails from tow profiles from two sites r the same IP address.one seen is black man - 2011-10-14
this user is pretending in the name of terry hannson who lives in new zealand, pretending to be a good guy but fooled around many girls at the same time in many different dating site such as dateinasia,badoo, e-russian love, althea club.. such a scammer - 2011-10-22
Hacker This IP address has been hacked into by different hackers that i met through dating sites please bE aware i am a victim,hacked and stolen yahoo id adress... TULUS MIND-SCREEN NAME ...HACKER Be aware... - 2011-10-25
Goes under the name of ersin buz in Netlog - 2011-11-04
I got this same IP address from a site. It provided it to me. I have been dating him for a while now and he lives in Flordia. However, he has never scammed me out of anything if this is the same person but the IP address resulted in my search through his email address from his yahoo account. So it seems it could be him and he is black. This is really really strange... - 2011-11-24
I have been dating Andrew Crawford a couple of weeks. Also working for US Army. Claimed he lived in Virginia. Same IP. He was quit threatening in our last conversation. - 2011-11-29
beware is a scammer! he asked me for 2,700$ to b released from Army...he got blocked from all my network places! also he is a stalker and a money beggar! lmao he wanted my love (money) and he got blocked! Ha, ha, ha! - 2011-12-07
Using this IP address with the name Amando Giammona from Dallas, TX and met on Badoo. Definitely a SCAMMER!! Supposedly working in Africa and then had accident and requested money for operation!!! Definitely a SCAMMER!!I checked everything out thoroughly!! - 2012-01-01
has anyone gotten someone names james or roy from this ip address from nc?thanks - 2012-01-10
He's going under the name Amos Anthony Jude, he says he's a US Army Forces in Sudan. He hasn't gotten any money from me yet but I feel it coming. He said he needs $225 to put me on a friends and family list so I could email his boss for him to come home on a leave. He also says he has no Access to his money and has been deployed for the last 5 years. The only thing he has gotten me for is my heart. Beware, he is now on facebook on "are you interested?" - 2012-01-31
did any of these emails come from an email address with the word "ballet" in it? - 2012-02-03
This person says he got my email from a mutual friend of ours and keep asking for pictures - 2012-02-03
carry yourselve don't try this one again. never try to hicjak my ip and stay away from my way. in anay case you must sent me mail. - 2012-02-11
i got a mans name that goes by james odonnell. if anyone has a picture i would like to see it - 2012-03-14
I'm talking to the guy from this IP now.. and he trying to cheat me. anyone know where is he? - 2012-03-15
has anyone talked to the guy over the phone or had him webcam you to prove he was "real"?? - 2012-04-14
this guy....plays many voice tricks and may have mental issues - 2012-04-27
this is not my ip information. someone has used my ip identity. I have a friend who I felt was being scammed by a dating service. She used my internet and computer to chat with him..is this a co-incident. I don't think so. Beware, we are not saffe with our privacy. - 2012-05-02
now he is using two IP 77,238,189,197 77,238,189,218 OTHER - 2012-05-04
This guy has mental issues for sure...he wanted for me to be his " Slave" and he acts like he is your " Master"! LOL! - 2012-05-06
Just got photos from him and verified through Google images that they are fake. He is going by Robert Mason in Washington State. Thank God I found this website! - 2012-05-17
he also pretends to be a 'vinny battisti' on facebook. He mocks the death of my friend. she was 15 and her name was amanda. someone needs to find this dirtbag - 2012-05-23
what is this guys email address do you know - 2012-07-13
His real name is allan d. neccessary and lives in Elizabethtown, ky he was messing with my wife and got caught. - 2012-07-22
This IP address is also associated with a yahoo email address for William Wilcot. Also found on dating sites like POF... BEWARE! - 2012-08-01
How is this person getting my email address? - 2012-08-03
Guy poses as a marine biologist from Tacoma, WA on Eharmony. He is a fake. I could tell after a few emails. Eharmony booted him off the site. - 2012-08-24
PEOPLE LISTEN UP! This is a mail server address. THIS IS NOT THE ADDRESS OF ANYONE'S PERSONAL COMPTUER! How do I know? I just searched the IP-address associated with my home account and it's in a completely different part of the country from my home. - 2012-09-07
Going by Florence White now!!!! - 2012-09-10
I'm receiving emails from this ip, stating its a women of 29 Galina from kazan - 2012-09-18
It's a static IP which is one person to one computer, not multiple people. - 2012-09-28
i met him on date hook up as sgt. max roland also his email address claims he doesnt have access to his money in the us in afghanistan needs $1050 to come home and be with me "forever" lol black male bald in the pictures scammer - 2012-09-30
Rob Williams Larson, construction engineer in UK with daughter Keaton, 15, very lengthy romantic emails, "fell in love" immediately - 2012-10-06
Iwas wrong about Rob Williams Larson. Please ignore my post of Oct 6, 2012 - 2012-10-09
I was wrong about Rob Williams Larson. Please ignore my post for Oct 6,2012 - 2012-10-09
**I have wondered about the validity of these IP addresses and this is my IP address from my laptop. I do think this is the IP address from Yahoo and not anyone's specific IP address.This is also out of Chicago, IL and I have never been there as much as live there. This looks like it could really be scary in the hands of someone who does not know what they are talking about. I am not a stalker. I am wondering if someone hacks your email gets your IP address and just goes from there. Need someone who knows what they are talking about to investigate. - 2012-10-10
i met this guy in south of Los Angeles, he is black . he is cheater - 2012-11-01
what does he look like? I think he is married - 2012-11-05
this man on fb is very attractice, white maile, with blue eyes, his acsent defintely do not match his pictures on fb he is a big scammer and belongs in jail he also have contacts with people in mozambique that is working with him to scam people i received a phone call from one of his friends from mozambique after u blocked him on my fb and e mail and is was confirm with my bank that he is a e mail criminal - 2012-11-05
beware states his name is John Robin or Akins Robin says he is a widower with one son name TeeJay will tell you all the right things make like he is a christian when in then end all he wants is your money-sick bastered - 2012-11-16
He now goes with the name adams stone mikel on meetme, also has a Facebook account. - 2012-11-17
There is one named James Kline from this IP. Clamps he is in England. He is on the dating sites. Always check IP and e if it matches where they say they live on the site. These sites never check IP so all the scammers get on. - 2012-11-20
ssgt max roland has been scamming women out of thousands of dollare,promising them that he loves them and wants to be with them forever.he goes on a lot of different dating sites to fine these women.he tells them that he needs money to come home on leave - 2012-12-11
Ok. Girls i need your help. He contacted me under the name Mike Maurice and is in syria as a physician. Has not ask anything yet. Seems nice but when i look up email address i get this IP. Can anyone help me. Do not know what to do. I through some medical stuff at him. Difficult stuff only a MD in the field would know. Can anyone help me. - 2012-12-16
What is his email address - 2012-12-19
I just meet his today as rommel from itialy and things seem strange. - 2013-01-24
be careful with this guy. He is a clever cheater. - 2013-01-01
Something I learned after making a post. Read the: services, type, and assignment links above. This may provide some clarification as to different I.P. Address. I to was upset looking for location of one individual and found multiple I.P. Addresses in our messages. I think people still need to be careful to prevent fraud such as the attempt I believe was going on with me. Criminals have made the use of the internet their safe haven and difficult for honest individuals to trust information provided by the internet. I to have this I.P. Address in relations to a woman. - 2013-01-09
I have put my own name in spokeo as well as some of my friends.Not only does spokeo have my wrong address it also has my name wrong. I also put in my fathers name and they had a profile on him, problem is he is deceased for 10 years. We turned his social security card in to the social security office when he passed so his number couldnt be used. All the IP addresses are the same. I am female and not male. - 2013-01-26
ROMANCE SCAMMER-He is currently on facebook under last name Sparkman a US soldier with many different first names. He also using the last name Perkins a US soldier. - 2013-02-07
he scammed me out of 1000 he is on twitter under kottonmouthkingdom guruincome and facebook under troywilliams greencoastgardeners has - 2013-02-16
do not send pictures or money the police told my to not believe this drug jerk who will go down. - 2013-02-17
also goes by the name stephen blake.beware big time scammer.will tell you he loves in just two days and then ask for money for a phone - 2013-03-18
Goes by the name Stephen.Earl.Blake in the Army said he loves me after two days and then will ask for money to come home on or for phone..Big time scammer. you can also find him on scam warner fake soldier - 2013-03-18
Said his name is Tom or Tommy.A.Phillips.very good with words.Beware of this Scammer - 2013-03-29

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