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IP Details for

This information should not be used for emergency purposes, trying to find someone's exact physical address, or other purposes that would require 100% accuracy. Please read about geolocation accuracy for more information.

General IP Information

Services:None detected
Assignment:Static IP

Geolocation Information


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User Comments

This IP continuously tries to hack my PC. - 2011-03-28
lol, thats a UPNP Broadcast address.... haha hack your pc eh? - 2011-03-31
OK so why is this "UPNP Broadcast address" showing up on my outbound firewall log all the time when I think the PC should not be doing anything? What is it doing? - 2011-04-24
This IP is hacking my system and NOrton never caught it. I will search till I find out who it belongs to and then I will sue them. - 2011-04-25
yeah it was hacking mine til one of his friends had his internet shut off, he might too. - 2011-06-06
c'est quoi cette adresse ip,une ip broadcast c'est chiant mon par-feu me le signal tous les 1 mn et sur le port 1900 kelk'un en sait plus?? - 2011-06-07
they are in my network and dont have my consent plz help - 2011-06-09
this addy tried to send inbound UDP packets to my pc... - 2011-07-05
My HP-Printer tries always to reach this server on port 1900...!? - 2011-08-17
TRY THE MILLITARY - 2011-08-23
This showed/s up as "Connected To A Protected Network" in Norton BUT ALONGSIDE MY IP ADDRESS AS WELL. I removed an account that I found in the Generic Credentials File. The address behind this IP belongs to a person unauthorized to access my files or program files, ALL. Their local adressesses r for an iPhone, iPad and HP Desktop PC. Person accessed, modified, distributed files and took Admin rights, also putting my files, pics, video and program files onto the Public Network. Has printed to his HP airprint & tried again but blocked him. Still, Norton shows tries to send OUTBOUND UDP PACKETS FROM PORT 1900 & system shpwed Lexmark X422 drivers w/ same addy. I disconnected as was also in ROOT/IMAGE/0002/10 - 2011-09-05
what could this IP be? i keep getting them does anyone know what this would be, it seems to go to my windows32/system - 2011-09-09
what could this IP be? i keep getting them does anyone know what this would be, it seems to go to my windows32/system - 2011-09-09
i have a solution block it from the windows firewall - 2011-09-14
My linksys AP Access this. what for? saw it through my firewall - 2011-10-02
This IP adres is hacking our p.c., block it from your p.c. with firewall loggs - 2011-12-29
How many people getting this play Battlefield 3 via Origin? Just curious. - 2012-01-02
YOU DONT NEED to wait to know who this ip is. You can sue ALREADY the dns and your provider they have laws to obbey about registering ips. After all, the communication is redirected to that ip. Goes somewhere. I have the same problem i am using peerblock with a BOGON block list - 2012-02-06
Lol don't you guys read, its used by UPNP - 2012-02-19
it's keygen for zemana antilogger ...hopefully :) i will check once again - 2012-07-16 can anyone please do a trace on this ip address. - 2012-07-27
This IP address is identified as Local address and my laptop as a remote address. Linked via Port 1900. My entire system is accessed by unknown organisation/individual. Norton is overridden and unknown identity creates custom rules in Norton allowing access. Surely it is time for some serious investigation and entries. Has anyone with technical experience or contacts - any idea on how to submit abuse reports/find more information? - 2012-07-27 FIRST this is multicast address,second SSDP uses this ip address Multicast (one2many) is a protocol to discover Universal Plug-and-Play devices on a network. Windows Messenger uses SSDP to determine if there is an upstream Internet gateway device.u can disable this Universal Plug and Play Device Host AND SSDP Discovery Service.Hope it helps. - 2012-08-01 is ok, is part of the System checking, must be allowed ever.!!! - 2012-08-05
Yep this person keeps trying to hack me - 2012-08-10
Yep this person keeps trying to hack me. I think its related to how my cursor moves on its own and exits out of all of my browsers - 2012-08-10
pretty sure its microsoft linked to local law enforcement they are all corrupt. use ur firewall to block everything inbound and outbound except for ur browser and dns server - 2012-11-27
GData stops this hack it's local law enforcement in europe - 2012-12-05
Listen to the comment which states that its an SSDP service and Universal Plug and Play Device. To disable these packets from being sent go to Services and disable them from starting. Both of Them. Spread the word. - 2013-01-12
get rid of a combined firewall and virus program use windows firewall and and anti virus program and blow all rules except for out bound dns server and whatever browser u use. this address is probably pigs (attitude) or media/communications or both as they work hand in hand to hack everyones comp. hackers steal your money but these it pros well web cam voyuer to harrassment techniques stalking no privacy etc mind control is real an these is one aspect - 2013-01-30
I've had the same problem for a couple years now. They take control of my mouse also and move it around the screen just for fun. I hate these people. Don't know exactly how to blow them off my comp. Set my firewall for no exceptions but they still are there. What is GData? - 2013-02-04
"Newer versions of windows are using as a sort of broadcast address to announce the presence of a machine on the network (sort of like a netbeui broadcast)." - 2013-02-08
idk why but i opened my wireshark and it caught this ip out of nowhere like dafuq! - 2013-02-19
BOGON - 2013-02-22
THIS is a outbound UNUP address, your router will class it as DOS-Outbound. this is because your network device is trying to make it's self visible to your home computers (which use UNUP to see each other) this is NOT some one else. this is your own device, telling you it is there. if it's a nuance, disable UNUP on the devices settings page. to clarify. you are NOT being HACKED. - 2013-02-27
haha. What a bunch of idiots on here claiming its a hacker... Please read the comments and if you think you are being hacked then install wireshark and do a live capture trace and see all the packets entering and exiting your computer... Wait. If you see that you will realize that there are tons of IP addresses going in and out of your computer... Better starting filing hundreds of pointless law suits... - 2013-04-27
The rational UPNP explanation or government mind control... which should i pick? - 2013-05-16
Yo these guys are BS'n you my SSDP & uPnP are off. i'm still having it blocked in Peerblock - 2013-06-18
lol, this was very entertaining to read.. - 2013-07-13
Thanks for the laugh, kids. - 2013-07-27
Thank yiu - 2013-08-13
I think it has something to do with the implant the aliens put in our heads. It's how they control us. - 2013-09-22
So, if it's UPNP and not a hack attempt, perhaps you could explain why it's attempting to access port 0? - 2013-09-26
Spy software sending info about what you are doing on your computer to this host. - 2013-09-29
This is a hack !! You people are so caught up in a dark room trying to spit out info in this discussion , that it IS WHAT UT IS .. Everybody is thinking so much but not believing the truth about hackers..I am very wealthy and i have had it researched. TRUST ME IT IS A GARBAGE PERSON HACKI G YOUR COMPUTER... And by the way MACS CAN BE HACKED AND IPHONES - 2013-10-02
Conspiracy theories abounding. Any body actually understand networks , lol ;-) - 2013-10-10
MSG Test - 2013-10-17
I checked it out and this is what I found... quote: Comment: Addresses starting with a number between 224 and 239 are used for IP multicast. IP multicast is a technology for efficiently sending the same content to multiple destinations. It is commonly used for distributing financial information and video streams, among other things. - 2013-10-18
Yea my computer has slowed down, this spot won't stop hitting me with requests. - 2013-11-08 is hiding their address, this IP address has been hacking into my system. STOP. - 2013-11-19
I am a newb to this (Wireshark) but this IP was hammering my network for days. I went back to a hard wire network, disabled the router's radio emitter and the activity stopped. - 2013-12-25
Do I need to buy a new computer with a new IP address to get rid of the ip address 239. etc etc, - 2014-02-13
This is not a hack, or someone screwing with your system. The results of what is happening does look like that, but please check out these two websites before getting too worked up: First search wikipedia for "Simple Service Discovery Protocol" then search Microsoft's support site for their KB # 317843 (Sorry links on this page are disabled or I would have made that easier) - 2014-02-28
Everyone DDoS the number - 2014-04-17

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