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IP Details for

This information should not be used for emergency purposes, trying to find someone's exact physical address, or other purposes that would require 100% accuracy. Please read about geolocation accuracy for more information.

General IP Information

ISP:Time Warner Cable
Organization:Time Warner Cable
Services:None detected
Assignment:Static IP

Geolocation Information

Country:United States us flag
Latitude: 38  (38° 0′ 0.00″ N)
Longitude: -97  (97° 0′ 0.00″ W)

Geolocation Map

User Comments

This loser is a hacker that needs to be put behind bars - 2011-04-07
this hacker is in my computer as we speak an has global policy applied. locked out of my own computer - 2011-04-23
Found a DNS cache attack originating from IP address What can I do? - 2011-07-08
I can back that up. This idiot port scans me on an hourly basis with a bot. submitting to the authorities - 2011-09-02
TCP- or UDP-based Port Scan Originating from this PC. - 2011-09-12
Firewall Event Log TCP- or UDP-based Port Scan Count 119 Last Occurence: Tue Dec 06 22:37:39 2011 - 2011-12-06
Firewall - Event Log TCP- or UDP-based Port Scan Count: 88 Last Occurence Fri Dec 09 13:28:51 2011 Source Ip address won't stop scanning my ports. Last time ip did it over 200 count. - 2011-12-09
I see located from Wabash Ave and Dobin in Monteray Ca - 2012-01-16
this guy or girl is a menace to the internet using processes that need to be shut down 7/27/12 - 2012-07-27
he port scans my computer several times a day i wish he would stop its scarry what does he want? - 2012-08-16
This IP address is currently attempting to port scan me....Ur best bet......boot into a live linux penetration testing distro and learn to fight back - 2012-09-04
I find it hard to believe this is continuing as long as it has. My modem/router (and all the PC's connected to it) is being scanned several times an hour and my internet keeps going down. I do not know if the two incidents are related but it may be. - 2012-09-07
This guy is harrassing me. Threatening my children He says his name is Ryan Guy. - 2012-11-26
2/17/2013 4:30:38 PM Detected DNS cache poisoning attack UDP This guy has been attacking my firewall for a month - 2013-02-17
This guy has been attacking my computers, phones, books, for months. Why has there been so many comments and no police reports done? - 2013-02-22
OMG! I'm so pissed about the havoc this guy is wreaking on me, yet so relieved that I'm not crazy and that my boyfriend isn't the culprit. This loser has even over taken my Android! - 2013-02-26
delete your cookies ! this same IP was trying to get past my firewall too and it stopped when I deleted ALL my cookies and started over. - 2013-03-13
I think this guy is really angry God gave hime small tools.......brains you know..... - 2013-03-14
Another Attempt from this loser TCP- or UDP-based Port Scan (14) DETECTED on Sat Mar 30 15:04:24 2013 targeting, sent from,53 - 2013-03-30
This is RoadRunners DNS servers, bypass them and you will not have the "port scan" alerts - 2013-04-24
Firewall - Event Log TCP- or UDP-based Port Scan by this same loser from IP address just minutes ago. What can be done to stop him? - 2013-05-08
He or she is using multiple IP addresses. For this physical address, I have found over 8 IP addresses listed for this Kansas location. This jerk has been nonstop with my computer too. - 2013-05-11
Anybody know his name? - 2013-06-05
Time Warner Roadrunner DNS servers and 47.62 are used by default DHCP. If these are trying to penetrate or port scan, then I need to use different DNS. I have had several IPs from China try to log into my FTP, HTTP, and RDP. Am I being exploited? - 2013-06-22
To 5-11-13 comment: That "physical address" you speak so knowingly about pinpoints nothing! It is merely the approximate geographical center point of the US (somewhere generally in Kansas, but moves slightly with changing shorelines, etc.) and will appear for millions of IP addresses looked up when nothing other than the country of origin can be specified. Why don't you all just state when you post that your ISP is Roadrunner to help out the paranoid loonies? - 2013-07-20
I have had incoming attacks stopped by my firewall and outgoing. It is the same address I want it to stop. The outgoing block is "the firewall has blocked internet access to Which leads me to believe that early on a bot was place on my computer. I am a Time Warner customer??? - 2013-07-23
How do I set a password on my internet connection? - 2013-07-29
Well my computer is brand new and I have Norton 360 this IP is in my system as zyxel it was a netgear modem open wi fi right by my house I have a model number of the router and modem how do I find this person ill pay just to get this person I have told time Warner and I've contacted Norton and they both blame eachother I'm tired of this had to reformat my computer 3 times any help would be appreciated - 2013-08-07 scanned by this for a month now - 2013-09-07
Really people? This is NOT a hacker, It's TIME WARNER CABLE Caching Server! Do you have Time Warner Cable for your Internet Provider? If so, please stop complaining! - 2013-11-05
Yeah, the last comment is correct. The following DNS (Domain Name Servers) are defaults used by Time Warner Cable: and Though, there may be a hacker using TWC's internet service and not smart enough to use a proxy server to mask their IP so it's not traceable. If someone hacked you over TWC's own DNS, call customer support to report it because they should be able to trace it. - 2014-02-18
lol, wow. i look up timewarner DNS server IP and i find a bunch of people complaining that its a guy trying to hack them? umm.. ok? i doubt timewarners DNS servers are trying to hack you ^^; - 2014-06-19
While the last comments are correct, the others are likely correct. I'm a victim as well and I'm pretty tech savvy so I understand what the servers are. The behavior leading to the search for info is what matters most. I've been dealing with this for three months. Five laptops, a desktop, and now my Android phone. - 2014-07-11
Noted my log on my router denied him service as he was trying to get into mine - 2014-07-15
just dossed me - 2014-07-20
My everything is hacked. Iphone,Ipad,2 laptops, 2 desktops. Unbelievable how someone can be so sick. He is going to be caught! - 2014-08-15
I am constantly being attacked. - 2014-09-22
Yep.. It's a hacker. This loser has locked me out of three computers by creating a remote image of my harddrive and blocking all reboot drives on the physical computer. He now has the iPad I am typing this on plus my iPhone. He has threatened me by typing into my address bar, "you will be dead soon." He watches everything I do and follows me on GPS. My phone is being tracked and my car mysteriously has RF signals emitting from it when no RF signals should be... GPS tracker was placed on my car. This is the second time I have been flowed in a year by this person and his team of Hispanics. - 2014-10-06

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