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IP Details for

This information should not be used for emergency purposes, trying to find someone's exact physical address, or other purposes that would require 100% accuracy. Please read about geolocation accuracy for more information.

General IP Information

Services:None detected
Assignment:Static IP

Geolocation Information

Country:United States us flag
Latitude: 37.4249  (37° 25′ 29.64″ N)
Longitude: -122.0074  (122° 0′ 26.64″ W)
Area Code:408
Postal Code:94089

Geolocation Map

User Comments

This ip address is used by an internet dating scammer - 2011-02-05
yes def he is a scammer i gave him lots of info he claimed to be someone that he is clearly not. - 2011-02-16
this ip is certainly an internet scammer preying on people that he claims to be in love with guess we are all fools that fell for this cruel person. another ip address was also full of similar comments. - 2011-02-16
can someone tell me the name of this scammer - 2011-02-18
has a friendster profile says she is 62 that is not true she is 39. she has pics on photobucket. she has a slide account and multiply account. - 2011-03-14
this walking, talking piece of crap, tried to extort money from me by way of death threats, I think i'm going to teach him or her whatever and call the cops on this retard. - 2011-03-20
what state has this happend in. has anyone met this person in person. please let me know. a friend met this person on c-list and is going to meet him.. are there any photos of this person on line that i can compare to. - 2011-03-20
He (Tim) tried to get me to send him nude photos - 2011-03-21
Loser wrote me and wanted to get to know me. Asking a million questions! - 2011-03-25
I just got this email from someone who claimed to be from the Bronx and is a trial member on Christian Cafe. Luckily I have an investigative background! - 2011-03-26
I was on date hookup and a woman with this ip was writing with me claiming to be in my area.wrote for a month then just quit - 2011-03-28
This ip address is a scammer, contacted me from EHarmoney. com. He conned me out of $2000.00 told me he lived in Sanford, Co.. Said the he is an architect and also deals in commidities. He said that he traveled to to Europe and was in England and asked to borrow money to ship the commodities to the US. He kept promising me all kinds of things. He asked me to meet him. He also has another ip address - 2011-03-29
Ok. He tried to scam me. I did buy into it. why isn't anyone providing his screen name of the sites or the woman that is involved? - 2011-03-29
Yes, he is a scammer. Why do we all let him get away with this? - 2011-03-29
Read upon this (FBI). I don't think they can do anything but let us all know if they can. If anyone is in fear of identity theft, contact Equifax, Experian and or TransUnion. You can have them put a fraud alert free of charge. For a small monthly fee, they can put a lock down. This means no one can obtain any credit information without you personally unlocking. Best means of protection. - 2011-03-31
Ok, but where exactly on the net did you file the complaint. ic3 internet crime? He needs to be stopped. - 2011-03-31
yes, this is a scammer, he OR she claims to be from new york......NOT - 2011-03-31
The woman behind this got me off myyearbook date site. Didn't get any money but similar story about love then disappearing. I still have two voice mails saved if this can help? Afraid of identity theft. - 2011-04-10
I also have 2 voice mails saved. It was a man that contacted me at all times. I have copies of all my phone records also. I have all copies of the emails sent to me also. I wish we could post they're names. - 2011-04-12
i really need to find out who this is - 2011-04-14
Read upon this (FBI). I don't think they can do anything but let us all know if they can. If anyone is in fear of identity theft, contact Equifax, Experian and or TransUnion. You can have them put a fraud alert free of charge. For a small monthly fee, they can put a lock down. This means no one can obtain any credit information without you personally unlocking. Best means of protection. - 2011-04-14
Vegas Baby! Physical contact, turned into an Email romance...female doing the pursuing, posing as a pharmaceutical salesperson from southern California, using a fake name and a yahoo E-mail address that is now closed. I have a feeling she is a prostitute with a side job! Some of her E-mails were sent on eastern time and some were sent on pacific time...which makes sense since this ip address is identified from both Florida and California. Several different people were probably corresponding! Hope this helps catch these scammers! - 2011-04-18
what was the email address? IP address identified in Florida and California< registered to who? this person is taking advantage of both women and men and scamming out of money and leading them to believe a romantic future is in front of then! Sick, just sick what people will do! does anyone have any detailed information about this person? - 2011-05-06
i have been contacted of this person what should i do they have my fhone number? - 2011-05-09
A person with this IP address got hold of my SS # and took out internet loans ($3,000 worth). Now, the collection companies are after me for repayment. How do you track this person down? I have an email address they used too! - 2011-05-10
I have three different ip addresses from this person and a phone number...He tells me he is from Georgia and is currently working as a Building Contractor in Dubai and needs money to come home. - 2011-05-14
I need to know this as well... what is the email of this person? - 2011-05-20
My suspected scammer and myself both have this same IP address!!! - 2011-06-19
I am in Sweden and that is the same ip number i have found.....and the man are more then one....they spell and write diffrent....I have not been giving any money but he i still working on the internet....thank you all to be kind and tell everybody about this....He is calling him Michael... - 2011-06-20
this person just stole my images from my fb page & hacked some1 else pg running for a political office and has changed the person profile pic to my image..I have no idea the purpose of this but this is ridiculous and crazy - 2011-06-27
the current scam is as a russian woman who is in love with me and does a very good job,too bad,but i became suspicious and found this site as well,what a shame--jimmy - 2011-06-30
ok I am very confused. Today I received a package in the mail. Someone made an email address and eBay account to look like my first and last name. They used their paypal account to pay for this item that was sent to me. I traced the email account that was created to look like it was mine that the eBay seller provided through the PayPal packaging slip, and this is the ip address I got. I do not know what to think! - 2011-07-05
itried scamming into buy two dogs from over seas this guy has to be found i would give anything to meet him face to face - 2011-07-05
You need to take this to the FBI - 2011-07-06
This guy doesn't quit! On Craigslist this weekend I posted a gift card I was selling. He asked to see the numbers to verify the balance (I thought nothing of it because I don't think like a criminal!) and of course he used it online. I went to the store today and was told my card had a zero balance. - 2011-07-07
This is a yahoo server address. Use netstat and make sure that you create a cam connection. then local port 5150 has the IP you want. - 2011-07-20
any one talked to him? english/irish accent - typical stranded in england and needs to get home. has a partner in nyc - she actually called me and said he asked her to call and transfer the call - but then he had stepped out. she's with avner brokerage in nyc, - 2011-07-23
OMG this ip address rentedme a house in MD and after giving a security deposits and speaking to this man for two weeks we finally signed the lease to the hose just to find out he didnt own the house and the lady who lived there had no idea who he was!!! If anyone hears anything out about this man you need to post it as I lost alot of money on this con!! - 2011-07-24
Someone from this IP told me they were a dying women and wanted me to pay fees to release inheritance that I was to give part to charity and keep the rest...did not out this person is good! - 2011-07-31
Think I have been conned by this man. In fact I know I have. He says hes a Sg in the US army in Afghanistan. His name is James Hurdle. Conned me out of some money. Sent the money to a women in Greenville. North Carolina USA Her name is April Gurganus. Its terrible that they can get hold of other peoples photos who are all proberly innocent of this scam. - 2011-08-10
I am conversing with this man as we speak, he has not gotten anything from me. He was on facebook and contacted me through that site. Now I am going to find out everything I can about him, and I suppose that makes me the scamer, I would not take anything from him but I want him arrested for what he has done to all these people because I really thought he was a true friend. I have phone numbers two phone numbers to reach him. I am not letting him know I know anything. I am continuing to get info on him at this time. I will check this page every day if anyone wants to converse with me. thank god I have a son that loves me enough to check out my so called friends and that this man didn't get a dime from me thanks to everyone. - 2011-08-18
have any of you met him or any of them? or are you just corrisponding on match or phones? Has anyone seen what he physically looks like and what does he say he does for a living? - 2011-08-29
The man that contacted me from IP called himself Simon Juan from Madrid, Spain. He got me for about $30,000 USD. I did report him to IC3, FBI and few other sites. I do believe he is working with other people. He did have a Spanish accent, and all the other people I spoke with also had a Spanish accent. I have saved my phone bills, money transfers, alleged pictures, emails everything. I hope the creep is caught. I also received threats regarding jail time, check scams all allegedly different companies, different phone numbers but all were from the same person using a different name, they even called my place of employment. - 2011-09-09
Stalker everywhere. Hacked cellphones and facebook profiles. Posed as friends(fake profile) on facebook to get more information. - 2011-09-16
This person claimed that they were from Minnesota and that my fiance was cheating on me with them. They went on months trying to ruin my relationship, when all of a sudden they disappeared from facebook. - 2011-09-24
I do not understand why you do not post what I wrote about this monster! I gave you so much great info., and why do you post this comments sections if you won't put it on here when someone adheres to the parameters of this listing??? - 2011-10-01
Im investigating him!!! He lives in Sunnyvale ca and he goes by a couple different names and IP addresses as well. - 2011-10-05
yes i lost 445 dollars to this woman the name she is going by that she told me is ashly colies orTeresita Pasco dont no witch but peole like this sucm need to be delt with i have all my email train screps - 2011-10-23
he met me on match,com saying he was a russian woman sent pic an emails to me - 2011-11-03
So he asked for my email address to send more pics I gave it to him does this mean he can get into my personal information, - 2011-11-08
person is on craigslist in boston in casual connections page, posts pictures of whom he claims is his wife, asks you to send pictures - 2011-12-02
This ipaddress has applied for online banking through my mother's checking account. The first time they had part of her SS# wrong but the second time they had all of her information SS#, birthday, driver's license #, checking account #, and her mother's maiden name. But noone seems to be able to tell me what I need to do or how to do it. - 2011-12-08
Brant Brown claims to live in Jacksonville Fl. Says he is a supervisor for world health organizations. travels. Removed profile upon contacting me. Claims to have a dog, but couldn't tell me who cares for dog while out of town on business. Can't carry on much conversation. - 2011-12-29
This IP Address is for the internet provider. Please read carefully, you get the original IP address off the email itself, click on body of email and click view source and look for the orgin it will give you the exact ip address, many then go to IP look up, and input this ip address you got from the email and and you will get the exact location of the scammer. I hope this helps. - 2012-01-06
Don't tell on yourself. Nothing makes a rober more angry than getting caught in the act. - 2012-01-06
On this IP address a man claimed to be a 2nd lieutenant in US Army who is still in Iraq, lured my niece in Saudi and threatened her to send a confidential package which made her panicked. He said he is a German-American 48 yrs old and this 18th of January will be out of Iraq to fly to Saudi. Shame on this guy had used the US Army to prey women. - 2012-01-12
I am so glad I looked up this IP address. This person was trying to scam me on Adult Friend Finder. - 2012-01-14
What a creep. Masquerading as 'Zhanna' from Orlov/Kirov!! Traced via EmailFinder and IP Lookup, glad I found this comment stream... - 2012-02-01
Hacked into apple itunes account and tried to purchase apps. - 2012-02-10
On line dating is for the birds. No one is who they say there are. 2/11/12 - 2012-02-11
Scammer now working on Facebook friending "mutual" friends and gathering email addresses and phone numbers and calling with scams from surveys saying people can collect money. Working on St. Bernard Parish Louisiana residents using impostor profiles for people who do not exist. - 2012-02-18
He also goes by the name William d Jones. He is now supposedly stuck in the UK just finished a construction job and no way of getting back to the states. He told me he lived in FL. He told me he has a 19 yr old son named marcus and lost his wife and small daughter in a car accident some years ago. - 2012-02-18
He also goes by the name William and birthdate 8/16/67. He is now supposedly stuck in the UK just finished a construction job and no way of getting back to the states. He told me he lived in FL. He told me he has a 19 yr old son named marcus and lost his wife and small daughter in a car accident some years ago. - 2012-02-18
I also plugged in that email address.. She is suposed to me Alisa Bryon from ukraine... i was adopting her daughter but obviously it was going to be a scam. - 2012-02-20
I submitted three IP addresses: All from Sunnyvale, Ca. Used by two different men (or women) from dating sites. Asked for $$ but too fishy and started doing much research. After reading comments, sounds like the same creepy criminal. Also, add the name Patricia Charleston to your list in Peoria Il, That was the person who was to get the moneyorder. - 2012-02-25
Hey, everybody, these scammers are pondscum but don't get mad, get even. Reverse the tables as soon as the hint of some $$ comes up. - 2012-02-25
This guy is a sicko, does all this scamming for a living. Do not believe a word this creep says--A scammer deluxe. Get rid of him ASAP. He will ask you for money with all kinds of stories--NONE are true. He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars scamming people on a regular basis. He is like a stalker....Never gives up contacting you.... - 2012-03-03
Posed to be a Russian woman named Ekaterina. - 2012-05-16
total scammer i think it is a group of them erik vegar, james adlar, donald vegar, steve anderson they are all in on it. scum! - 2012-05-17
Total scam artist....I think it is a group in the UK--goes by the name of scott richardson....Total scum, bottom feeder.... - 2012-05-18
this person claims to be in the military and his birthday is coming up. no money wants presents teh address is going to africa. i do have an address!! - 2012-05-18
he claimed he was in the military and wanted his birthday preent to go to an address in africa!! - 2012-05-18
His birthday is 5/25 wants a birthday present to be sent to africa to afghanistan. please contact me. - 2012-05-18
Why are some of the comments that were on here months ago gone? Who can get these erased? Can the scammers erase these comments? Please respond--someone--about this. I think this is weird! How can this happen??? - 2012-05-21
A person claiming to be a petroleum engineer for Sonatrach UK has been contacting me. He says he's of British/Russian heritage. I finally decided to trace his email and the IP address came to this location. He was supposedly on an oil rig in the N. Sea and recently transferred to Lagos. Sure enough, the tried to say he ran into problems and asked me for money. I said no. He got nothing from me, but is trying to forge a relationship. Why do people do this. The last name is Richardson. Beware. - 2012-07-01
Gen Eric Miller, He uses that picture pretending to be in Afghanistan on Facebook. I reported it but still seem active. - 2012-07-16
I almost fell for it before I read this stream!!, thought I was waiting for tatyana from Russia to come stay with me!!!! They have my full name and cell phone number and home address!!! I'm really scared now!!!!! - 2012-07-22
I almost fell for it before I read this stream!!, thought I was waiting for tatyana from Russia to come stay with me!!!! They have my full name and cell phone number and home address!!! I'm really scared now!!!!! - 2012-07-22
I almost fell for it before I read this stream!!, thought I was waiting for tatyana from Russia to come stay with me!!!! They have my full name and cell phone number and home address!!! I'm really scared now!!!!! - 2012-07-22
Claimed to be a Gloria Cobb from Grande Prairie TX said she wanted to meet me in person but didn't want me to send her bus ticket only cash. I got suspicious so I said I would go to her instead but she started to back peddle. She pretended to have her mom chat with me online to back her story up and ask for same thing. Claimed to be coming off bad relationship and that she had 2 million from dead dads insurance coming but she had to be married to collect. I lead her on and pretended to be interested. I kept asking to talk to her on phone but she refused which lead me to think this was a guy. The address she gave for me to send money to was Texas City..Grand prairie Zipcode..75051. beware this scammer he or she thinks they are smart but if you think with h - 2012-08-07
omg....the same thing is happening to me, this guy waited a while to ask for money. I have been scammed before out of several hundred dollars,so I promised myself not to send anybody anything off the net. well i have one on facebook now trying to get me to send money. i am so tired of this, you just can't trust anyone anymore his name is Michael he is in Malaysia right now ordering military supplies, going back to afghanistan to finish out his stay in the army. his last name is Alvarado, he says he is a sargent in the army. i know this is bull because tonight he wanted me to wire him airline money to come back here. I told him I didn't have it that I would buy him a airline ticket he could just go to the airport and catch the plane, all the time knowing i - 2012-08-19
name is jeffrey steven keith 06/15/1983 he has a case with the west covina police department contact ivonne!!! - 2012-08-30
Now he also goes by van cole james from holland, beware! - 2012-09-06
i am having problems with someone wh0 has been having an affair with my husband who is around 37 years old and my husband is 62. THEY ARE VERY CRAFTY AND I BELIEVE NOTHING THEY SAY. BTU I DO KNOW MY HUSBAND IS VERY HARD WORKING AND HAS A GOOD JOB . BUT HTIS WITCH HE IS SEEING GETS HER MONEY FROM SOMEWHERE AND I DON'T KNOW WHERE THAT IS!! SHE HAS SOMEONE (MALE) THAT ANSWERS HER PHONE AND SAYS I HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER. my husband won't admit to the affair but its been going on for awhile. she keeps it hidden because she doesn't want anyone to know, I guess because of his age. He does have money and if she has had him change his will she will stand to gain quite a bit... He is not in good health and we have a 114 year old son she is ruining everything. she - 2012-09-20
his name is jeffrey steven keith case with west covina pd you may contact dectective mezaa she has information its a guy he is 30 years old and i assume does the scam thing for a living - 2012-09-21
This person has scammed me out of almost a $1,000 and has given me the name of Lawrence Smith and says he lives in new york city,and is 39 and has a son and lives with him sick grandmother which he is taking care of. he has also stated that he needs money to pay a bank transfer to get his money that his father has left him.... this person knows how to romance and say all the right stuff for you to fall for him/her... please be careful of this scammer - 2012-09-24
this person contacted me thur datehookup claiming to be Frank Anderson from Elkridge Md -the address he gave me the house is up for sale and does no belong to him. He claims he is divorced age 57 and originally from Italy he claims to buy and sell gold and diamonds and currently he says he was in Poland and now on his way to S Africa to purchase the gold. We were suppossed to meet but his daughter was ill and in hospital was the excuse he used and now he is out of country. He has not asked me for any money however, he does have my name and address so I wondering what I should do. I have deleted my profile from dating website and reported him and blocked him from my yahoo account. He is very charming with his writing already professing his love for me. W - 2012-09-25
This sounds like the same scenario I experienced for over a year. This scammer is very crafty and don't believe a word he says--he is a stalker and will ask for money, money, and more money. Dump him as soon as you can--He goes by the name Scott Richardson on a yahoo acct. he still has. - 2012-09-29
This person could be anywhere and just bounces his ip off different places. He is probably overseas where most of this spam garbage comes from. I have gotten my fair share of junk from this person using various email names and sometimes even different ip addresses. My question is why hasn't the law gotten involved and done something to him for all the problems and laws he has broken? - 2012-10-06
Beware ladies - new scammers Rubin Santana and Sgt. Rubin Collins- both on boo dodo site- and have this Ip address - met the first Ruben- he was not successful- so they upped their game and sent in the 2nd Rubin- They have done their homework - pics and all- word to the wise- if he looks to good to be true - he probably is! - 2012-10-07
I guess he also says he is a she...sent me pics and I looked up the person but could not find any info..I did not send the person money, they just wanted to mess with my head...did a little but not much - 2012-10-08
Does anyone know does this person use a word Mwah or Black British? I met this guy on Hi 5 and not sure about him? - 2012-10-11
this man goes by james adlar, erik andersen, donald vegar, steve andersen, nikolas harlum on fb some of pics posted are from a co called statoil hydros. the pics are stolen from helge lund-the real person. its all a rommance scammer - - 2012-10-12
None of you have realized you're all talking about different people. That the original thread was about one person, then others started talking about another and now everyone thinks it's the same person. Maybe this is why you were all scammed? - 2012-10-18
Has anyone chatted on line with this person and also uses a web cam to see who you are talking to i have and it looks ok but then i find a web address on the shirt i go there and it looks like the same person i am chatting with but she says there is someone that looks just like here that is running the website and she had stopped doing that , i have not found any updated pics on there so i dont know what to believe. - 2012-10-20
I met this guy named paul doherty Met on a dating site zoosk. Was telling an friend about him as he said he had to leave the us to go out of the country to bring his sick father home. She told me to be careful it sounded like a scam. So i checked the ip address and here I am. What a LOSER! - 2012-10-20
this ip address is being used again by a man who connected with me from a christian site. Beware he is a smooth operator.... Claims to love GOd and preys on your faith.....Scammer...... Goes by the name of Rolland Pullman of Md. - 2012-11-08
This guy is smooth, says he loves God, but he a wolf wearing sheeps clothing. He, uses words real well. He, is not as smart as he thinks. I am thinking he has been on the internet for a long time. lives in Pittsburgh, PA or Newyork I know who he really is and he knows it. - 2012-11-12
Some do know who the original thread was from. You think you are too smart. You hide with a proxy server. You are a scammer and have mentl issues. - 2012-11-15
he's now going by antonio testini... with a 305 area code for a phone number - 2012-11-29
He claims he is Michael Bryan Williams 35 years old car dealer who owns a card dealership in New York currently in Dubai buying cars but short $2000 to ship the cars to US. Haven't asked for money but the red flag came about when we skyped and he did not have a cam nor did he sent me a picture of him from his cell phone. When I asked him to turn his cam on he said that it was broken which is a BS... Anyway, i am in process of blocking him from every site I have and reported him. - 2012-12-06
He has Facebook page as Michael Williams. Can anyone please search and let me know if you have same person. Thank you. Also Frank Anderson's and Michel Williams's both email addresses linked to this IP address there are also few more IP addresses that link to Sunnyvale CA and Redmond WA. - 2012-12-08
Michael James Smith same IP address works for KCA Deurat born Feb 14 1961 son is Harrison lives in Spring Valley Houston. Parents deceased wife died of overian cancer. Says he is from Madrid Spain. Had to go to Aberdeen then to Beijing where he says he has been for 3 weeks. Ask me for money 6 weeks after communicating. Met on Christian Mingle. Wrote love letters etc... I knew after the first letter he was a con. Fell in love 2 weeks after talking briefly bla bla bla even sent me a picture of his son and his son contacts me too. Ha real scum bag beware!!!!! - 2012-12-09
What email address is linked to this IP - 2012-12-09
has any one got scammed by some one name Jonathen Mathew Solis... because that is the person who I have been internet involved with for several years already, and we never met or talked on the phone. - 2012-12-13
The scam I entered started in California thorough a church, then through several other people ( referal after referal) promises of jobs, and riches. We all I believe have been taken by the same organization. On one of my phone calls I heard the sound "recording" I did not say anything burt during the conversation I heard beeping noises and finally asked what the niose was. She (Jordana Rossi) which is a made up name said she would call me back. After several weeks of all of us spending endless hours on the phone with her and seeing no would had met her ( never followed through) we decided to call it quits! Thats when the investagation and comparing of stories between us started. So we have concluded. They are bottom line targeting anyway to get mo - 2012-12-27
I got an email from a Sacha Smyth from this ip address - anyone else? - 2013-01-28
That ip address I was hacked into bank accts. Credit cards he did had credit reports on me which was charged to my accts. Also he did wanted money then more more until I said all my credit cards are frozen. His name bravney k gully also he stole my email addresses to set me up as prostitue or dating scam. I was shocked to see my email address on websites. He did said about his son now is 20 yrs old josh. He is part of scam s in UK too. Home is in nebraska. Florida. He did videoed on me webcam but he won't let me see his cuz he s a FBI agent. I already fell in his act for a year. - 2013-01-30
OMG so today my sister who is new to dating sites sends me pictures of a guy she has met online and how they are getting married as he is travelling to go and see her.. well i read through every thing and the pictures look fake so I tell my sister to abandon ship.. I decided to dig deep and this is what has landed me here.. how can i help in arresting this guy.. he has given my sister some fake address in England which I have and about 4 pictures of a spanish looking guy.. - 2013-02-12
I have. Talks with an accent but not sure what kind. - 2013-02-21
OK since this is account the real.ip is blocked behind proxies and this isn't the real ip number if we all are talking about the same person I've done some digging and obtain the real I p address but the one I've talked to sounds African American I've been talking for the past 2yrs just to investigat I'm getting close btw The person or persons say in Chicago il - 2013-02-22
Maybe they are working together because I doubt we are all talking to the same person since most says they have an accent - 2013-02-22
The person from this IP address claimes to be Mr Roger de Almeida , the auther of the book " tea party university". It was obvious that he was a scammer after few emails especillay that he started sending love quotes that he calimed that he had written when tnhey were all over the internet. Luckily , I only lost some time with him over a 6 days period and cought him . I wrote to the real Roger De Almeida to warn him. - 2013-02-24
unbelievable!!!this sounds like a ghost page with a pro's.acting like a real yahoo page. man, all my communication is going to someone faking a yahoo page. i suspect ms and some form of lawenforcement. - 2013-02-25
I have lots of pic of a lady call Annie. But I trace her to California Sunnyvale and to a bank in Nigeria Lagos - 2013-02-27
HE does use ip, name Scott r William or backwards could be William Scott, blocked him on POF and reported him, what a joke, stopped after 1st correspondence, gave himself away, stated high scool degree only, but was an architect gemologist, all needing DEGREES, hope no more problems, - 2013-03-08
I am talking to some one from dating site OK CUPID with this Ip he says lives in Houston is in London on a const proj had accident. We have been talking since Christmas. He needs money to come home to me. I will not send but he keeps writing at least 2 times a day swearing his love for me and wanting t get married. He is a widow an has a16 year old daughter. His name is Leonard Collins. I did a. Lot of checking found others with same IP no.. The Leonard Collins did live in Houston had a wife named Debra who dies . Any one else talked to this man. He keeps asking for a loan - 2013-03-20
Is this guy light complecte, handsome and does he wear glasses? - 2013-03-21
this person got out credit and debit card account numbers and charged over 700.00 in one day with online shopping. and from what i just read above he is now using my husbands first and middle name to scam others. the email address on file was my husbands !!!! idk how he couldve gotten our info but it is very scary! - 2013-03-25
i have just had a mobile phone and contract taken out on my name. i have the address the phone was sent to and the guys email address. does anyone else have the same email address? - 2013-04-17
I was contacted by this person a few weeks back on a dating website. Claiming to be Anita Assanko in Ghana, West Africa. I exposed the scam but they denied it. I did send photos before I realized this was a scam now I fear identity theft. I'm reporting this to the FBI in San Francisco. - 2013-04-18
This person just hacked into an eharmony account of someone I know. He blocked me from his account on EH and started sending me emails that were inappropriate. We have reported him. I fear that he will try to access my accounts now. - 2013-04-22
the person with this IP Max Taylo calls himself, is in Badoo and Facebook, says it´s Lithuanian who grow up in Germany and lives in Lithuania, his brothers are in England, his speech is very romantic, unfortunately, i found inconcistencies in his speech so i decided to track the IP. He said he was widow and doesnt have childrens, and of course want to came to my house to marry me. - 2013-04-24
I am chatting with a man calling himself benjamin Mitchell., says he's a sargent in afganistan. Starting to charm me but his picture on ok Cupid is 20 years younger than he says which is (47). Says he's retiring and moving to Portland, me. My heart is broken but such is life. - 2013-05-19
Same stuff going on here. I getbthree to four emails a week fom diffrperent yahoo addresses all withsame ipaddress. I am trying to sell a dress on a wedding website. The language is poor and the want me to get back to hem quickly for immediate purchase. It is very frustrating. Especially after reading thesevfeeds here.myou just want these S. O . B. ' S put to justice. I wish some super tech savvy person was on the case here because it seems or justice system does not give a @rap on hunting down hese scammers. - 2013-06-02
hey I think we are talking about the same person please get bin touch with me I know this is the same person here - 2013-06-02
I have been talking for two yrs.. I have pics and phone number. - 2013-06-16
I have been talking to Ricky Kevin James using Yahoo Messenger for a week and receiving His email. He introduced himself as Caucasian,53 years old, 1st Sergeant US Army on his second mission to Afghanistan, divorce. In 3 months he was planning to retire as an honourable soldier. His email look suspicious: he was copying and pasting from previous conversations word by word, Language used reflected a person with low education. Never used military terminology. Every email contained 20 questions listed in no logical order. Sometimes he referred to himself as one man woman. I told him that that I have impression that he is an convict from the prison. Used words like lol, OMG, prettie. His email has no conversation style and my name was not used. I replied that I - 2013-06-18
He is now going under Clement Ernest and has stolen pictures of a US Army Sgt with the last name "Nash", claims to be widowed originally with a 14 yr old son in a boarding school in the UK, then the boys age changed to 12 yrs old. Wanted a laptop, $$$ to come home to Brooklyn, NY. Will stop at nothing after he is blocked from a FB account. Profile is under several likes for Divorced FB pages - 2013-06-26
I am not sure what to think.I spoke with a man via IM for hours the language was corret, provided pictures of himself and his 7 year old daughter. He says he only lives in a town which I know is only about an hour drive from here. The IP matches in these descriptions though. What should I do besides be extremely careful? - 2013-07-08
There is also a man by the name of Steven Lourens using this IP address, claiming to be un the UK working on a contract for Chevron and needing money to travel back to South Africa. - 2013-07-09
This IP Address traces back to a Troy B Vega emailing to companies about customer complaints and extorting money from them. This person doesn't even exist. Calls in retail places and asks for peoples names and complains about them. - 2013-07-13
Ex girlfriend received email from a yahoo email informing her to research me before she gets too involved with me. The email went to her work email and stated I was a dishonest, manipulative person and that I use several different aliases. Does not go into specific details IP address is - 2013-07-15
I don't understand none of this cause mine my husband and mamas email IP address is can anybody tell me a email or phone number and another thing it has us in California and I live in Ga . I also found 2 yahoo emails with the same IP address. New to computers so answers please!! - 2013-08-17 I got emails from him saying he works for federal communicate. Also he's fbi. I am still invesigating on that. Not sure yet. His name is rene alvarez. He gave me his ssn. It took me long time to trace person with his ssn. He lives in calif. Either father or son. 2 person. 62 yrs and 42 yrs. I caught his partner working online for him. So watch out. He has people that works for him. Same email but he won't give me ph nbrs or forwarding address. Too many lies he said - 2013-08-31
I think he goes by the name Bill Rogerson now. Says he's from San Fran, but lives in Greenwich Village in NYC. At the moment he works on an oil rig on the UK continental shelf outside of Aberdeen. Yeah right. I've talked to him twice on the phone, interesting accent for an American ('cause he's not). It's like a combination of Hungarian/Polish. From the get go I suspected a scammer, and then I found the IP did a reverse lookup of his profile pic and voila:he's a scammer!! I'm worried he'll track me down/identity theft as my email address has my last name in it and it's unusual. What should I do? - 2013-09-02
He does go by Bill Rogerson and states he is a CEO for an Oil and Gas Company and he is from San Fran then moved to New York and is working in London on a contract for his Oil company. He will call you and say he's going to meet you in a few months once his contract is approved. He had asked me to send money to him for equipment for his spill clean up that he would pay me back the following week once his job has been inspected. I did not send any money and told him I would never send money to him but he still emailed me. We have spoke on the phone and I have his international phone number and his web site for his so called business and his personnel email address. He uses to get you to speak to him. Do not fall for him he is a scammer - 2013-09-08
Habe Verbindung mit dieser IP ist ein Mann namens Alex Morgan und auch auf facebook ! Ist ein Geschäftsmann aus Los Angeles und hat Ware in Malaysien gekauft die für Kanada bestimmt war. Habe sehr viel Geld überwiesen und anscheinend auch verloren !!!!!!!!!!!Ist Witwer und hat eine sechsjährige Tochter ( habe auch ein Bild von ihr) behauptet bei Civil Engineering Projects zu arbeiten . - 2013-09-11
OMG! I guess I'm the latest victim! He said his name is Christopher Light Nash. He said he worked on oil rigs in Denmark and Sweden. But he lived just an hour from me in Balm Florida. Met him on Mingle2. He was suppose to be on his way home on the 14th when I got a phone call from some man Supposedly Irish in Dublin named Thomas O'reilly. Which he wasn't because I couldn't understand a word he said. Thomas said he worked for Customs at the Dublin Airport. Said he was detaining Christopher for traveling with diamonds without be declared. This went on for 3 days. Kept wanting money so he could come home. Thank God my best friend is a manager for the Department of Homeland Security. I let him answer the phone the last 2 times. Haven't heard anything since. - 2013-09-18
I met a guy on DH who claims he's a soldier. I have Skyped with him, talked to him on the phone and he is the man in his the pictures, all 7, some military...none professional. He says hes stationed in NYC with a branch of Ft Drum. His 20 yr old daughter lives in Oatman AZ with his uncle. His phone number is 505 area code. He called me 2 wks ago and said he was leaving on emergency flight to his dad in London. He called me and told me he made it and paid for his dads surgery...5 days later he said he was going to miss his round trip flight and had no money to come home. I traced gis IP addy and it said 86% likely to be Nigeria then the next email said Ft Drum IP addy. i am 50 yrs old and have enogh sense not to send him money but everything else seems on th - 2013-09-24
IP Name of the person: Lawrence Davis I checked his email addresses and all are at Sunnyvale, CA USA. He scammed me out of 28 300.00 GBP paid into a Barclays Bank account in London. Account in the name of Sulaimon Moroywa Anfela from London. He said he will pay back the money and now just disappeared. I know now how stupid I was, but it happenend. I reported it to the Fraud Unit Police in the UK. Up untill now did not hear anything. Andrea Cloete - 2013-10-10
I just searched my boyfriends email & this ip address came up...???? Someone has hacked into his yahoo account SO many times.... But who knows?! - 2013-10-11
Well mine is the lasest, ip209.131.36.158 his name is Hardy Larry out of at least that's where the bandwidith satellite shows I was reading all the stories, and mine matches all above. He never got any money, but I turned the tables after about 4 1/2 months of romancing,sending all kind I'd very deep love notes I was hooked till he told me he's in Malaysia and needed 15000. USD then my wheels went. I played the game even once sent him a text saying eye for eye tooth for a tooth scam for scam he didn't back down so I told him I was just upset and didn't mean it he fiorgave lol. I made fake wire transcript fake receipts and scanned them to him as this is going on I called local police the AG FBI even the Malaysia gov he hacked, put spies in my computer m - 2013-10-27
I just got hit by 2 scammers, quite different, I did talk to one on the phone, He said he was from Romania had a dead wife 22 yr old son, lives in Edmonton, His phone call was from Ohio, that tipped me off after 5 days, he was very soft spoken, difficult to understand. But kept it short, which also tipped me off roman rosvan or Romania also said he was a civil engineer. I gave him my phone # and address and hope he wont try to get into my accounts, I only lost a dream - no money - 2013-11-21
I got scammed by Cayson Smith, claims to be British, Contruction Engineer, working for American project in Republic of Benin. Romance and marraige talk until he had a worker die and wanted to raise money. Did not send. - 2013-12-02
He's going by the name Joseph Duncan now. - 2013-12-15
This email address was originally a different name.... I think they switched it to google + & deleted the core gmail account.... Their name is mike James Foskett... Lives in irvine ca - 2013-12-24
Its obvious this person has many people involved in this scam. My scammer's name is Stella Hudson. Same IP address. Born in Utah lived in Cali then moved to Accra Ghana to finish medical school. Says she is a mulatto (1/2 white 1/2 black)After 4 days she asked for money because she starving. I sent $100 to Ghana by western union. It was picked up. Have received pictures from her and saw her on Skype several times. Bad web cam reception. But very close resemblance. Now she is asking for money to get her American passport renewed $500 lol so she can come here to see me. I asked her to take a picture of her passport to prove her story and send it to me. Haven't heard back from her in a week. Bottom line folks whoever this guy is he has a lot of people helping h - 2013-12-25
Ok i have also come across this person on Oasis Active dating website. I became very wary very early and searched the IP address then paid to do a reverse lookup and came across this site. Definite scammer. I have contacted the dating site to have the associated profile taken down and to contact me when they have done something about it. Luckily i did not send anything to personal my guard was up thankfully but i am still embarrassed that i was conned this far. Luckily my nature is inquisitive and it didnt seem right. Hopefuly something is done to stop this person, the name they were using was Tyson - 2013-12-28
He tries to sell airline Tickets on craigslist using miles and then takes payment using but never books any tickets. got me for 1500 USD unfortunately - 2014-01-05
Omg I read through all of this and I think my boyfriend is the scammer.. I am checking some things and I will be back - 2014-01-06
Acme Comedy Company - 2014-01-08
Emailed an ex girlfriend with my pic and a fake CL ad...I want to know who this is! - 2014-01-13
I met "Bill Rogerson" on Christian Mingle. I could tell right away he was a scammer because he said he was American but sounded like a black man with a very very heavy English accent. I immediately put a hold on on my financial account and blocked his email address. he states that he is from San Francisco and is working on an oil contract in the North Sea outside of England. He never did ask me for any money though but he would have eventually. - 2014-01-14
This is my husbands IP! I have been researching suspicions. I have discovered so many lies. I noticed in spam a lot of different emails, names,for him emails from dating sites. I am afraid of his temper since I caught him having an affair. You must not tell this but I want to help you all and I hope you will help me. He has an active yahoo account and lives in TN. There could be others involved because before he loved me out of the phone account there were calls from all over the US including Grand Prairie, TX I noticed someone mentioned that. Beware! Tonya - 2014-01-15
I think this is my boyfriend. - 2014-01-18
Los Angeles - 2014-01-19
i have found this scammer using this ip address,claming to be a 29 year old nurse working for doctors without borders in malaysia the picture that was sent was a white girl that fell in love with me after 4 emails and then she got robbed and wanted $400.00 to help her get back to the us...they words she used reminded me of a middle east accent and not of an educated nurse...i was sopose to send the money to a motel in ampang city, Kula Lumper Malaaysia zip 47600......i changed my name and email address and "she" wrote me back using the exat same verbage as the last person but this time the picture is of a black girl.This is a scammer for sure - 2014-01-23
I paid 9.00 to get on a site that was sopose to give me the address which was in sunnyvale CA. ,,but that address came up using google earth as the yahoo building..whats up with that? - 2014-01-25
This is my husband number as well omg and I thought he was cheatin - 2014-02-02
AH YES... SCAMMER - 2014-02-06
this man or woman? started on match dot com and tried to say is name was Jeffrey bill r. he tried to start a relationship with me. his ip is and it comes up to Sunnyvale California. he says hes in Kablul afganistan and will be retiring from the army in two months. he is not on and sent me an email that said subject "obit" like obituary because I did not want to talk to him anymore. glad I didn't send money. he never asked me for any . he said his wife cheated on him and the neighbors took video. I don't know what tothink about all this. - 2014-02-24
claims to be James Brian Walker Caouette; Army military. Says he is 45; I think the real soldier passed away, sent me pictures; claims to be God fearing; stationed in Syria, met him on Zoosk..Very sad - 2014-02-28
Everything I read here confirms what I have suspected. On the dating site I was using he claims to be "Joe Harrison," a Civil Engineer, age 32, living in California. In a recent email he said he was originally from Spain, moved to the U.S. 3 years ago; that he was working on "construction and interior decorating" jobs in London and South Africa -- which suddenly made no sense (Civil Engineers don't work with "construction and interior decorating"). His English is also very poor (of course, he is originally from Spain...right!). I probably should have just stopped writing, but I sent one more email with some "direct" questions, just to see how he responds, if at all. - 2014-03-01
This is my boyfriend and one of my friends. I knew they were up to something. - 2014-03-27
I'll add my story to the mix--similar to some already here. "Ted Russell," CEO of Russell Oil and Gas, began emailing me on Valentine's Day through the Christian Mingle site. Very smooth talker who knows what women like to hear. When we spoke on the phone, he had a British accent with a hint of something else as well. Claimed to be 44, but the pictures he sent looked like a 30-year-old. He said he lives in New York but was traveling to the UK to bid on a contract for Royal Dutch Shell. Contacted me a week later to say he had gotten the contract and sent me a scanned photo, which cited the contract as being awarded to Rogerson Bayard Oil and Gas. When I checked out his website (, I found discrepancies in the company logo (said AaGibs - 2014-03-28
I guess the new name is Ted Russell and claims to be a CEO of Russell Oil and Heat,in UK. Just won a 5m bid off the North Sea, Aberdeen Scotland. Has all kinds of Engineering Degrees from U.of Texas. Is 44 and lives in Manhattan, NYC. He sent me 4 pictures of "himself" Met on a dating site, picture used is the same picture used for Bill ROgerson FB profile picture. We texted, emial and spoke on phone for about 4 weeks. Very charming and smooth... heavy accent uses phrases like baby, honey, darling, princess, queen. Falls "in love" in like 3 days!! (HA) Said one of his 63 employees did not properly use equipment and did not know where he was going to get the money to replace it. Seriously, a million dollar corporation does not have $2000.00 to replace equipme - 2014-03-31
How does one get to communicate with another person that left a comment? - 2014-04-08
This person is now going by the name Ashley Katherine Taylor or Katherine Taylor, has a facebook account and is on Ourtime dating service. Gave the same story of being in India for work and equipment broke needed 8000$ to fix and could i help her. yeah right. says she is from Dallas tx and owns a home, she also says originally from Germany and has an 11 year old son. Same MO as above, speaks of God and true love, just a warning it is the same ip number you all listed - 2014-04-30
omg I think hes my broom. from New york his name suppostly is Tom John Cruise, right now he is in China , im waiting until he ask me for money to come back lol, omg. I cant believe it. - 2014-04-30
he has a pretty hefty criminal record - 2014-04-30
this man who has this ip address, said he is in Austin Texas and is waiting to come to me, he said he must marry me.. I have talked to hime for 0ver 6 years and he has sent many gifts but has never asked me for a penny. he goes by the James P. Wagner supposedly a retired major from the US Army. - 2014-06-08
Williams Scott or Sccott, on Facebook, currantly trying the whole oil rig thing on my friend and she wont believe me - 2014-06-22
Mine is going by David Anderson and is China as well on a oil platform and ran into "problems" getting chemicals from the port because he ran out of money. Very loving and caring, beautiful emails, texts and phone calls. Spoke of god. Said he was originally from Scotland but no real Scottish accent. Sent pictures of himself, mother and son. Stated wife passed away. He never asked me for money but when he stated he needed money I made it clear I had none. I haven't heard from him since, he just disappeared. - 2014-07-01

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